I think today more then in the past with companies giving you the start up tools people want to know where they came from.
And also maybe in a family there is that one person who actually attempts  to find the answers. I am that person, but my beginning search was not for me, but for my father.
Story is my father’s father died when he was one year old and he was raised by a step father who became abusive to him and his siblings….
Dad left home when he was 16 never to return. Years later when I was born and a child my dad and me would sit at the kitchen table and talk.
On many occasions in our chats my dad would always say…I wonder who my father was, what was my father like.
That was a long time ago and I’m an old man now, but I still hear the eco of my father saying that which started my journey for him.
I’m sure I went thru the same motions as most people trying to find things out…..on line ancestor search sites….document searches and soon realized it will take forever and not always accurate.
I then hired a company to look for me, they got me some info but nothing outside of the US so I discontinued with them and searched again for over a year until I seen Alex’s website.
By chance that year she was giving a class in the US that fall so I went to her class..after the class we talked and she said she would be able to help me once she got home and settled in again.
Well it’s been almost four years now that Alex has been doing my research and tree. What she has found I can only say is amazing, and so much. I am so amazed at what she has found I sometimes joke with her that she’s not going to get rid of me. I feel with  Alex finding my ancestors is like collection fine art. Art that no one other has…and I have many Rembrandts.
No kidding about it….Alex is a professional…. with professional results. The details the places the little stories we would never know she finds. She seems to remember everything when names old and new cross.
My research from Alex has also taken me to Poland where she found almost 20 cousins who we met….I have living cousins in Poland, I have pictures, I have memories. And I’m Kurpie.
I highly recommend Alex who can make your research extensively rewarding and magical….
And one more thing
Dad:  if you can hear me……..ALEX has found your Father

Joseph J. Mahalek, Medford, NJ

I would be happy to be quoted as saying the following.  Aleksandra Kacprzak was thorough, prompt, easy with whom to work, professional, expert in accessing and in translating records from many different languages, fair, extremely helpful, possessed a vast knowledge base, and produced comprehensive and easy to read reports.  I rate her a 10 on a 10 scale!  Rob Covert

Rob Covert, Coldwater, MI

Alex is a wonderful professional genealogist. She is very passionate about her work. With that said, she delves into your family research as if she was in search of her own family history. During the time she was doing research for me, she was in constant contact, filling me in on all of the details of her findings. She was very persistent and in my case, I was fortunate in that she was able to locate living family members in Poland. She provided wonderful photos she herself took and also old photos which the family was able to provide. I Truly felt the search for my “Roots” was in very capable hands. I can’t thank her enough for all of her hard work and for her successful results. She is definitely at the top of the list of professional genealogists. Thank you so much Alex. You are the best!

Dolores Brown, Eastvale, CA

With enthusiasm and heartfelt thanks, I can state my deep appreciation for the excellent work of Aleksandra Kacprzak which she has undertaken with speed, efficiency, diplomacy and dedication. As companion, interpreter and facilitator in Poland, she has displayed care, concern and eternal good humor. Having been adopted at birth, it was for less than six months that I possessed the name of my natural father, born in Alex’s home city of Grudziadz, and last known in 1939 living in a nearby village. Surfing, I found Alex’s details on her web site. In a few days, total success! She has found my natural father, 2 half sisters and 4 half brothers. According to Alex, I am her first client from UK, and the first case of finding someone born in her own city of Grudziadz. The way in which she set about enquiries for me, at a time when she was already very busy, and the speed of the successful result are truly awe-inspiring. Congratulations Alex – I will always be indebted to you for making my life complete.

Roger Taylor, Gillingham, GB

Aleksandra, Thank you so much for the wonderful work you have done for me to find my ancestors’ records and current relatives in Poland. Compared to other researchers and methods I used in the past your research for me has been extraordinary and surpassed all others. I especially appreciate the detailed and thorough research, as well as, the summary presentation of information that is so easy to follow. You have also done an excellent job of introducing me to my current relatives in Poland via my picture and explanation of my desire to know my Polish heritage and relatives. As a result, they have readily corresponded with me via letter and e-mail including pictures of themselves, their families and their ancestors. Some are also interested in family genealogy and have even shared stories about communications between our ancestors in Poland and America. You have also provided pictures of current relatives and due to my limited knowledge of the Polish languages, translated or written letters for me in Polish. You have provided me with a whole complement of services for which I am very grateful. It has been a delight to work with you. You thoroughly prepare to do research by reviewing my documents and information and asking questions to seek clarification so that the research progresses in an efficient and cost-effective manner.

Joyce Sharifi, Torrance CA

“I met Alex in Salt Lake City while attending a genealogy seminar. We instantly became friends. I had always dreamed of going back to the “old country” and meeting any relatives that still lived in my ancestral hometown. Alex was able to help me with all the planning and execution. Since I don’t speak Polish, Alex’s help was indispensible in coordinating with the local newspaper for placing an ad about the family meeting, making hotel reservations, and driving me around Poland. We spent 10 days together in a combined trip of the major tourist sights and meeting my “cousins” in my hometown. The town meeting was amazing, and I met 50 of my cousins in a town of only 3000. She was working very hard translating for me and them, but she did it beautifully and with grace and humor. When it came time to visit the various archives, including city records which are notoriously protective of their documents, she turned on the charm and was able to gain access to the most amazing records. Her help was without a doubt essential to the superb success of the trip. My only regret was that I didn’t stay longer. If you’re looking for someone to help you with your genealogy project, no matter how big or small, Alex is the best.”

Sandy Miarecki, Berkeley, CA

I would highly recommend Aleksandra Kacprzak, who did a lot of research for me in Poland and uncovered data and documents I never could have secured myself. As a result, I now have about seven generations documented and an agenda for future work. She is extremely smart, resourceful, and responsive. Beyond that, she has a great sense of humor and is a delight to work with.

Kathleen Bowman, Charlottesville, VA

“Aleksandra performed very good genealogical research for me. She used her linguistic and interpersonal skills in finding out much information about my current relatives and ancestors in Poland. Starting out with my grandfather’s name, birth village, and parish, Aleksandra researched various official and church record archives to find the names of many generations of my ancestors which greatly expanded my family tree. I consider her very skilled in researching records and interfacing with many types of people from village workers to parish priests and records officials. I am very satisfied with the her work and the results she has provided me.”

Richard Kosinski, Springfield, MA

I would like to provide a brief testimonial in support of Aleksandra Kacprzak’s work on my family’s genealogy.

Prior to meeting Aleksandra, I had tried a number of individuals who all met varied obstacles and dead ends in searching for records on my paternal grandparent (i.e. Franciszek Zygmunt). While I was provided general information on my grandfather’s birthplace, others encountered numerous difficulties and were unable to successfully find any additional information.

Upon enlisting Aleksandra’s services, she proceeded in a very methodical manner. Not only did she locate pertinent information in the Archives but also from local village resources as well. She conducted a very thorough research plan, enlisting local villagers, which including the retired village priest. From these efforts, she was able to identify and meet with local family decedents who provided in-depth details on my family. Aleksandra also gave me with copies of many vital documents (i.e. birth, marriage, etc) and group family photos of newly identified relatives. She obtained more information than I ever thought available.

Upon completion of her work, Alexsandra provided a very detailed, updated family tree. Emails and addresses of my relatives in Poland were also forwarded to me, and I have written to them. In the very near future, I plan to return to Poland and meet my cousins in person for the first time!

Joseph F. Zygmont, Killingworth, CT

I met Alex at a Polish Genealogical Society of Connecticut and the Northeast meeting in October of 2013. She was recommended to me to do genealogical research in Poland. Officers of that society introduced us. After a very brief interview, I new that I had found the perfect person to assist me in filling in the missing Polish pieces of my genealogy puzzle.
Alex began working on my tree in the spring of 2014. Within a few days of in person research in several archives, she uncovered data that I imagined to be lost over time. Her presentation of information along with copies of original backup documentation was very easy to understand and complete. The daily activity reports gave me much confidence of her progress in obtaining long sought information.
As my wife and I were touring Poland with a tour group in May of 2014, Alex resumed her research activities in additional archives and in local Vital Records Offices. She also began activities to search out descendants of my ancestors who were alive in the same area. She was very successful in finding many more living relatives than I had ever expected. After my wife and I completed our tour with the group, Alex met with us and drove us to the area of my ancestors. She stayed with us and arranged for meetings with many relatives and served as a translator and facilitator. Her activities, accomplishments and energy resulted in one of our best vacations ever.
Alex is extremely dedicated each of her client’s projects. She puts in 120% effort continuously to assure 100% client satisfaction. Researching archives, negotiating access with archive and other document managers, searching and exploring unique roads to find living relatives, creating and managing reunion meetings, and providing translation services are all skills that Alex offers and excels at. Her fees are competitive and reasonable. Thanks to her diligence and persistence, I now have contact with living family members in Poland. I cannot imagine working with a more competent and pleasant individual in doing genealogy work in Poland.
I highly recommend Alex and her talents to anyone in need of assistance with their Polish genealogy.

Edward Miller, Basking Ridge, New Jersey