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Genealogy – the key that opens the door to the past so we can welcome the past to our present day lives. Who we are is shaped not only by ourselves, but also by our ancestors. Who they were makes us who we are. Thanks to Genealogy, we discover not only the names and places of our ancestors, but also their hearts and souls. By telling their stories, we express our gratitude and respect to them as we join their past into our present and future lives.

Genealogy is fascinating and extremely exciting. However, it requires time, enthusiasm and dedication. Once you are bitten by the genealogical bug, you will never be set free.

You are all invited to explore my website.

The GenoGaleria Store: Here you can find items every genealogist absolutely needs, plus a few things less needed but just as desirable. The Store also includes a large selection of genealogy themed jewelry, t-shirts, coasters and more.

Databases: The database section contains indexes, photos, and articles in Polish and English. The databases include indexes and photos of Mennonite, Greek Catholic and Roman Catholic cemeteries and index of cavalry and armored troops killed by the Soviets in World War II. “Prussian army” project contains interesting article and very long index based on List of Loses. The “Drifter” database consists of people who wandered from town to town. The list contains various information about these people including birth villages. The “Name” database covers how families chose names for the children and explains the Polish system of “Name Days” known as imieniny. The “Annexes” project is a database of birth, death and marriage records which occurred outside the origin parish, usually overseas and information about the event was sent to the parish office. School Photos – everyone can contribute to this section. You are encouraged to contribute school group photos taken before 1960.

Your family is your heritage,

don’t let it vanish

into the oblivion of time.

My qualities are: education,

experience and commitment.

Aby mierzyć drogę przyszłą, trzeba

wiedzieć skąd się wyszło”

Cyprian Kamil Norwid

Every beginning is just the continuation,

and the book of events is always open in the middle.

Wisława Szymborska

You have to walk into the past to see the future.

To reject the past is to give up the future

“Nie podam ręki nikomu, kto nie wie jak jego prababka z domu”