Adam original v. 2/3

40.00 PLN

Original drawing, version 2/3
Author: Mariusz Żebrowski

Drawing: 12 x 17 cm  (4,72” x 6,69”)
Frame:    16 x 21 cm  (6,20” x 8,27”)

Available only one item


Original versions of drawings:
   Each version is marked appropriately, e.g. 2/3,
   which means that this is the first print out of three that were made.
   We assure you that there are no more versions of the same drawing
   other than the one.          
   Each idea is an original drawing (no version marked).
   Genoroots reserves the right to use the original idea
   according to his own concept.

Copies of original drawings.
    An original drawing with no version marked is used to make each copy.

RY 001 OR W 2/3