Kashubia. The Land of Four Elements

80.00 PLN

The album is a collection of photos showing the landscapes of Kashubia. It is a kind of journey from the sea coast, facing the west and then the east, disappearing into the waves of the Baltic Sea, along the gentle slope of the wide beaches, and at the steep cliffs at that. Wandering through the expanses of unique moving dunes, scattered among forests, the largest and protected of which are located in the Słowiński National Park. Wandering through the lands undulated by glacial power, on the hills covered with dense hair of forests and groves, in the valleys flooded with waters.

Photo captions in Polish and English.

Publisher: ARS Imago Robert Sikora
Publication year: 2018
Format: 9,65” x 12,99”
Hard cover, 170 photos
Numer of pages: 248


KS 097

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