Aleksandra Kacprzak – loves genealogy. It is her everyday job and lifetime passion. For many years, she has been operating her genealogy business “Genoroots”. She has spent thousands of hours in archives, travelled countless kilometres to search and find lost pieces of history that once gathered all together create a beautiful patchwork of the human story. The profession of family and history detective suits her. As a child, she loved Lieutenant Colombo and Miss Marple for a reason. Clients are happy with the work she does, and the ancestors long forgotten are brought back to life and can finally rest in peace. Theory can never replace experience, and Aleksandra shares her knowledge at various conferences and meetings both in the USA and in Poland. She is also a published author, not only limited to genealogy. For both small and large groups, she organizes trips around Poland for descendants of those who had decided to look for a better future on the other side of the big pond and never returned to their native land. They gave their children and grandchildren the seeds of Polish identity which are now sprouting. In her case, so-called “leisure time” is only a thing of dreams; yet, where it comes true, she loves to enjoy it in a warm or hot climate. She loves beautiful landscapes, other cultures, new tastes, and a game of backgammon with a cup of good coffee. Yes... This is life. The appearance of a balance between sitting and an active way of life is provided by rollerblades and badminton. It is in appearance only - because the computer, desk and family trees are decidedly winning. 
Everything related to genealogy interests her, so, via her creative talents, she was inspired to create the first genealogy related internet store in Poland, in which every family detective can find what they need.