Coat of arms

Welcome to the art of coat of arms. Polish heraldry differs considerably from the English one. There might have been hundreds of unrelated families using the same coat of arms. On the other hand there were over 10 families of the Polish nobility using the name Piotrowski, unrelated to one another and using different crests. We offer you an extraordinary art work of Tadeusz H. Pilat, a professional genealogist and artist.

You do not have to be nobility to have your own family crest. Simply ask for our offer and we compose a professional coat of arms. Tadeusz paints on board, canvas and paper in various sizes. It can be oil, watercolor, crayon or ink. The choice is huge. You can also order a coat of arms design at your own request.


To place an order and discuss details with the artist, contact the artist directly:                                                                 


Coat of arms

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