Coat of arms

Welcome to the art of the coat of arms!

If you have your nobility proved and you would like to have a piece of art presenting your family coat of arms - you are in the right place to order it.

If you are thinking about creating a family or personal sign - you are in the right place to order it.

Tadeusz paints on board, canvas and paper in various sizes. It can be oil, watercolor, crayon or ink. To place an order and discuss details with the artist, contact Tadeusz directly:

Tadeusz Piłat is an artist and genealogist with the knowledge about nobility and heraldry.
Polish heraldry differs considerably from the English one. There might have been hundreds of unrelated families using the same coat of arms. On the other hand, there were several Polish noble families using the same last name, unrelated to one another and using different coat of arms.
The Polish word for coat of arms as well as crest and family sign is herb.
Noble families had their herb, many reach families living in the cities had herb, even peasant families sometimes had their own herb, some professions or guilts had their herb, even more - individual people had and have their herb.
You and your family can have your own herb – a family sign!
Tadeusz will design it following rules and according to your family specifics.
If, for example, your family members have been miners for several generations, you can honor this fact by creating a family sign with mining attributes.
If your great-grandfather was a great gardener and the whole family appreciates his accomplishments and feels that his work was the seed of success for the whole family, you can establish a family sign with gardening attributes.
As an individual person you can also have your personal sign connected with your job or passion.
Please remember, in Poland herb is not equal with nobility!


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Coat of arms

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