Jan, 2021 | Events

The lecture series is organized by Polish American Foundation in cooperation with Polish Genealogical Society of America and Association of Polish Professional Genealogists. Many genealogical and historical organizations from USA and Canada supported the event. 12 lectures presented by 6 Polish professional genealogist via Zoom in every second Saturday of January, February and March.

I’m very proud to be part of this event. My lectures concern research on line – with me you will not get lost in the net! In second lecture I will talk about Polish cemeteries and old Polish customs and superstitions.

Family detective in the net. Family detective has already looked through the drawers in Grandma Stasia’s house, together with Aunt Mary he has explored in old trunks in her attic, listened to all the stories told by grandfather Józek, he wrote everything down and put it in order and all happy (satisfied) sat down to the computer…. And what’s next? How not to get entangled in the net and use it to find what is really important. The life of a genealogist would be hard without the web, but it can also be hard on the web itself, as the sheer volume of search results for “genealogy research in Poland” can be overwhelming and may not necessarily identify which pages are most helpful. There are several projects that are universal and cover former and actual territory of Poland. However, it should be noticed that genealogical research is specific to each partition and both state archives and genealogical associations carry out separate projects taking into account this specificity. Let’s make an order in our web resources and let’s explore new websites and  research tricks.

Cemeteries in Poland.
Polish cemeteries – as everywhere, full of history and memories, dignity and reverie. Beautiful marble tombstones next to the plain wooden crosses. Different religions, different customs and we, genealogists who dream of finding the resting place of our distant and closer relatives. There are several portals in Poland, thanks to which our search can be successful! Let’s learn how to use them.

Polish customs and superstitions
Our Ancestors came to America and brought with them their traditions, customs and superstitions. Some of them are still alive in our lives, some exist only in our memory. Let’s learn why grandmother made a sign of the cross over the loaf of bread, how to protect the baby from evil spells, the reason for common first names and more.