Genealogiczna grupa szturmowa

19.00 PLN

Download the drawing in pdf format.

It is adjusted to popular frame 13 x 18 cm (5,12” x 7,09”)

For the best effect set you printer for highest quality and use good paper - min 160 g (160 gsm).

Print, cut, put into your favorite frame and smile any time you look at it.

The perfect gift for any genealogist -  joyful, unusual, desirable and inexpensive.


We do not attach certificate of authenticity of the copy to this product.

If you prefer that your art work would have certificate signed by the author, feel invited to our drawings department – sections: originals and copies.

If you are interested in obtaining a license for publication or other use of drawings, please contact us

Mariusz Żebrowski – well known cartoonist and satirist.  He draws when something inspires him. He's been recently inspired by genealogy, and all genealogists get excited about it!
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