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For March 2015
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The aim of the Prussian Army project is to provide an easy way of searching through the Deutsche Verlustlisten. The database will be growing as we make progress in preparing the electronic version of the lists. All the data is taken from a private archival source.
The authors of the project are: a genealogist and archivist Aleksandra Kacprzak and Mariusz Żebrowski a historian and archivist.
The result of the search provides the first and last name and the rank. If we have any additional information about the soldier, an “i” sign appears next to his name. This additional information may include: date of birth or residence, annotation about the soldier being wounded, date of death, brigade, regiment, battalion, squadron, company, places of battles and bibliographical data. It’s important to remember that not all of this information is provided for every soldier. The amount of data corresponds to that available in the source material.
The additional information can be ordered via the e-mail: When asking for further information, please provide the ordinal number, the first and last name and the rank of the person in question. The additional information costs 2 Euro per name, paid by PayPal to

Type data of researched person

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