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TRIP 2020

For March 2015
lectures participants


I do private research for a variety of clients: individuals, businesses, courts, and law offices.

Each research is unique. My main goal is to satisfy the client by conducting and presenting the results of the research in the way he wishes. The prices and terms depend on many factors, such as the availability of the sources, range of research and form of presenting the results, as well as additional expenses I need to take.

I perform research in:
- State and Diocesan Archives
- parishes
- directly in the villages in which the ancestors lived
- LDS microfilms
- libraries and museums
- on-line databases
- Vital Records Offices

I can present the results of the research in the following forms:
- digital (Excel. Ged. Paf.)
- prints
- photo and audio-visual documentation
- ornamental ancestral book
- you can also order an artistic representation of you genealogical tree or coat of arms

Searching for the living relatives is the area of research that I approach with especial passion and commitment. Joining the past with the present is building the future. To do it professionally, I will conduct all the before-mentioned research in archives and museums, and to personally visit the inhabitants of villages and towns.
- I ensure the linguistic support (translations) in communication afterwards
- I organize family reunions

Private, sentimental journeys to the homeland of your ancestors.
- I organize accommodation in Poland
- you will visits the places where your forefathers lived
- you will visit your living family
- you will take a tour of all the tourist attractions in Poland

The tour is planned together with you and will take into account all your wishes and expectations.

Do the research together with me.
You can visit the archives and parishes, and have the possibility to work with old documents, also those signed personally by your grandfathers, which is a very personal experience. You can go the cemetery to search for your ancestors' gravestones. You can talk to older inhabitants of the villages where perhaps your cousins lived. You can, finally, find your living relatives! If you want to go on that exciting journey and be your family's detective, but you cannot speak Polish, we can do it together.

I provide translations of all documents, historical materials, and correspondence.

      Records (baptism, birth, marriage, death, etc.) - $20.00 each

          from English to Polish: $8 for 1000 characters with spaces
          from Polish to English: $10 for 1000 characters with spaces

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