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TRIP 2020

For March 2015
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"Your family is your heritage, don't let it vanish into the oblivion of time"

I will discover the history of your family.
I will find the forefathers of your clan.
I will reach living members of your family.
I will arrange and conduct a personal tour to meet living family members

Genealogy is my passion.

My qualities are: education, experience, commitment, and moderate prices.

About me

Aleksandra Kacprzak

If there is anything to be found in the archives, I will find it. I speak English, Russian, and, of course, Polish. I can also read German and Latin documents.

My lively attitude, zeal for investigation, and friendly demeanor make me very effective in finding the elusive members of families.

I can organize and conduct personal tours to hometowns, archives, and historical places in Poland, according to your demands.

I am also very good at organizing family reunions.

In the world capital of genealogy, Salt Lake City, I have completed the Eastern European research course. I am a member of the Polish Genealogical Society in New Britain and Polish Genealogical Society in Warsaw.

Bryan Walsch

His adventure with genealogy started back in the 90's, when he decided to create his family's genealogical tree. It soon became the passion of his life and he established a professional research company in the USA. Bryan was my first client. I performed an archival search for him and I managed to find his living relatives. I organized a trip to Poland for him and his brothers, Neal Donald Walsh and Allan Walsh. He wished to see the country of his ancestors and get to know his distant cousins. This journey changed his life completely. He desired everyone to have the opportunity to experience such wonderful moments and devoted his whole life to genealogy.

Bryan died on February 14, 2008.
His beautiful spirit and enduring memory will forever remain in our hearts.

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